Culinary Success: MAKE + Gazebo Room

Allen Clements

April 15, 2015

Gazebo Room produces gourmet salad dressings and marinades. Their product was born out of a beloved Harrisburg, PA restaurant. The social media stories about Gazebo Room make an impact. You’ll see comments from folks living outside of the region who coerce family to bring Gazebo Room when visiting. Some of their online patrons order it by the case online. The Gazebo Room product is no joke and they didn’t want their commercials to be a joke either. They wanted a national look and wanted it to be taken seriously. That’s where MAKE came into the picture. This was the first commercial MAKE shot with the Red Epic Dragon. The spots were shot in 6k and mastered in 4k. We produced two spots; one targeted towards consumers and one at restaurant customers.

Sidenote: In a world where everything has a little wheat in it, these delicious products happen to be gluten free. That’s good news for our gluten free friends. Give it a try!

After we created the spot, it was deployed on regional broadcast, social media and on the Gazebo Room website. The clients are thrilled with the results and have noticed a significant increase in sales since engaging their customers with multimedia commercial content. You can too.