Deja Vu: Fête En Blanc

Allen Clements

Allen Clements

June 17, 2016

A Visually Breathtaking Celebration

Since 2012, Fête en Blanc has been celebrating the start of summer with a ‘spontaneous’ by-invitation-only BYO dinner party. The rules:

  • You must ask for an invitation first come first serve but invites are limited!
  • You will not know the location until 24 hours prior.
  • You must wear only white.
  • You must BYO… well, everything including your food, drink, table, and accoutrements.

The idea came from (perhaps obviously) a French festival  in which they annually highlighted famous spots in Paris. Similarly, the attending Parisians dress in white and like Lancaster’s tribute, the location is not revealed until the day before.

Lancaster’s event follows the tradition in making its way around various Lancaster Landmarks.  Last year, as you will see, it was held at the Barnstormer Stadium. It’s also been at the Excelsior Courtyard, on the Lancaster Art Museum steps and even within the iron fencing of the Shreiner-Concord Cemetery which is the final resting place of Thaddeus Stevens.

“The [Shreiner-Concord] cemetery was by far my favorite one,” said Monica Berkowitz one of the festival organizers.  “At first, people were opposed to the idea of the cemetery but when you showed up it was just magical!”

Where is this year’s party?

It’s not revealed until 24 hours before the event but it will be in Lancaster and it will be on June 22nd! If you didn’t obtain an invite this year, be sure to check their facebook page regularly at

MAKE helped capture last year’s event in this exciting video:

Bon fête!