Home Handyman Comedy Serves Lapp Electric

Allen Clements

August 16, 2016

Lapp Electric has been a Lancaster icon in electrical service and installation for almost 50 years. Even with chops like that, there’s a lot of noise out there in media. Lapp Electric needed to energize their target market via a local broadcast campaign. They also needed something to engage customers on the web. They sought out MAKE Films to create a fun, memorable commercial spot targeting the home improvement enthusiast (DIYers) and well.. household decision-makers.

 The result?

Lapp Electric hears from their clients in person, when receiving calls, and online telling them how much they love the commercial.

This is the kind of client we LOVE doing business with.  We’ve maintained a relationship with them for several years producing lots of video content.  This client is doing content marketing right.. engaging their customer with video via multiple contact points on their website and on social media including an often updated Instagram feed!

We certainly will take all the kudos we can get!  Here’s a great one from Tim Lapp, owner of Lapp Electric:

Working with Derek and his team at MAKE films was a true pleasure. MAKE films delivered a highly professional production and brought a more nationally branded style to Lapp Electric’s TV and online media presence.  If you are looking to capture your extraordinary business story in video or marketing your brand with a tv or online commercial… MAKE Films to the rescue!!

Fun note:  The pizza delivery guy at the end is from Pasquale’s Pizza. Pasquale’s is a Lancaster restaurant that works with the community on different food giving projects.  They were happy to be a part of this commercial production and we were happy to eat the pizza when we wrapped!  We are passionate about finding innovative ways to connect people in the community. We work smarter to make the most of your budget!