The Beauty Behind Canned & Frozen Produce

Allen Clements

November 11, 2016

The Story of Preserved, Peak-Season Produce, Right from Our Backyard

How does deliciously fresh produce get to your table all year round? Was it mass-produced at a factory, or was it nurtured by the hands of farmers?

With a growing movement of small farming, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s), and other initiatives, you may wonder where the food on shelves and freezers comes from. Hanover Foods works with family farmers, real people, and local and regional fields for their food production.

In Spring of 2016, we produced a video about Hanover Foods’ packaging processes with a focus on freshness. Before we engaged in this project, we didn’t fully understand the comprehensiveness of the local sourcing, speed to package, and general quality assurance of this regional operation.

After completing this video, MAKE suggested that Hanover Foods’ take the story back one step further from the packaging processes. Before produce is canned or frozen at its peak freshness, it’s here… in the beautiful farmland of our region.

This new short story focuses on some of the local farm operations and growers that fill the freezers and pantries of many East Coast families.

The Farms of Hanover – Director’s Cut