Delivering Crowdfunding to School Sports Arena with PLEDGE IT

Allen Clements

November 16, 2016

This summer we were approached by tech start-up PLEDGE IT to produce a story that would launch their new crowdfunding innovation.

School sports programs need funding.

Whether it’s a new soccer goal, uniform subsidizing, or providing more growth and leadership opportunities for the players, it’s a simple fact that these programs need financial resources to keep moving forward and improving. In the past, sports teams have had a variety of fundraisers with buy out options. This might be a sandwich sale, some sort of gift card or coupon sale or various event-based fundraisers.

Empowering athletes with performance-based funding.

PLEDGE IT expands upon the per-mile fundraising model and combines that with rapid internet crowdfunding and shareability. The difference with PLEDGE IT is that patrons (parents, classmates, family, staff) are pledging a donation for the athletes’ performance. And that gives the student even more incentive to perform.

Changing the game – everyone wins.

We needed to tell a story that was relatable to those who are involved and invested in school sports. Challenge, overcoming adversity, failures and successes, and in the end, leaving with experience and pride in accomplishments. With this in mind, we felt is was best to approach this project with a flexible, nimble mindset to let the footage unfold naturally. We attended team practices and games to capture the excitement and dedication of athletes, team staff, and fans that drive the incentivized performance behind this fundraising platform.

The excitement of these games, the fans roaring, the heart of the players and the commitment to their team and goals – all combined with the donation-incentive of PLEDGE IT – is a win-win for everyone.