MAKE films Welcomes Catlin Williams as Coordinating Producer

Allen Clements

January 1, 2017

In late October, Catlin Williams joined the MAKE films team. Though numerous candidates were interviewed, Catlin really proved that she would fit in well with our team personally and had some great experience. In interviewing Catlin for this piece, I set out to discover specifically what it was that made her the perfect fit for MAKE. Though it was never a part of the interview process or her portfolio, I found the answer in her artwork.

Catlin holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Tyler School of Art. During her time there, she examined and deconstructed the widely held views of painting, photographs, and installation. She utilized painting techniques; such as blending, blurring, and layering; to create photographs. Her intrigue came in exploring the dynamic of painterly photographs and photo-realistic paintings. In the end, it was perspective that struck her.


Catlin explains, “When viewing artwork, it is imperative to be present to get a true sense of the artwork as an object in space… to experience the intentionality of it’s size, shape, its own presence. My practice explores the physicality of photographs and paintings… each two-dimensional mediums that elude to a three-dimensional space, and also focusing on their physical presence when installed in a viewing space.”

“I wanted to challenge the definitions of a ‘painting’ and a ‘photograph’, and test how each occupy the gallery space. Seeing artwork in person is so different than viewing an installation photo of the artwork. By playing with perspective and perception within the artwork itself, along with its installation, created a space the viewer must occupy to catch the idiosyncrasies.”

I think this conviction is one of the ways that Catlin will add to the MAKE team. Her ideas and creativity will add a level of depth to our videos, a medium which still remains challenged by the flatness of its screen, yet limitless in its conceptual possibilities.
Catlin spent her post-college years in the creative industry. She’s always gravitated toward various photography and video production opportunities in nearly every role; from photographing incoming artwork while interning at a fine art gallery, to leading photo and video production projects while at a full service marketing agency.

Catlin recounted one of her biggest career accomplishments while at Alpha Dog Advertising, Inside Lancaster; a publication created to highlight influential people who contribute to the entrepreneurial spirit that thrives in Lancaster She took a great idea and spearheaded its transformation into a meaningful project both for Alpha Dog and the Lancaster community.

“It was incredibly rewarding to use my creative direction and passion so freely to manage a magazine publication from start to finish, and an experience that I learned a tremendous amount from. To watch as locals and visitors alike responded positively to the publication and became engaged in the ideas within it was absolutely wonderful.”

At MAKE, Catlin will be contributing with ideation, film project logistics, resource management, and marketing. All of this, she seems to take on as a second nature. As a boutique film company, we tend to take on a variety of roles within our skill-set. Another perfect fit.

And Catlin appreciates film in a special way… a prerequisite for joining MAKE.

“It’s such a powerful medium, and if we can use it for greatness and for good… imagine the impact. ”

MAKE films crew

She says she appreciates the genuine, creative, and collaborative environment here, one that will truly benefit from her involvement.

So having strong and unique perspectives seems to be what binds us together here at MAKE. It’s what we all share and what we all combine to create great work. I asked Catlin what her three-month perspective was on the MAKE films’ offering:

“We’re a film production company that helps people identify their true story and how they can communicate it to their audience. We work with companies of all shapes and sizes in different industries. We have the client’s best interest in mind and seeking to understand their audience. We really care about communicating the best story… we want to make things that are influential, and we also want to be sure there’s a return, be it brand awareness, establishing emotional connections, or increasing engagement. ”

Well said, Catlin, and not everyone has the ability to do that. We’re glad you are here with us. Welcome to MAKE films.