A MAKEr has Left the Building

Lisbet Byler

August 23, 2017

When Cordell first told us he was leaving MAKE for an opportunity as Theatre Director of Cavod Academy of the Arts, a wave of emotions hit. First came the tears, then came the denial, and then came the pride.

WAVE 1: Sadness *sobs uncontrollably in bathroom*

Cordell is the type of coworker who makes a long work week bearable with his genuine charm, unstoppable energy, and unwavering smile. Who makes a 12 hour shoot day enjoyable by keeping everyone laughing. Whose ingenious ideas and undeniable charm lighten even the dullest of times. We were sad because we would miss Cordell’s light.

I mean…just look at his adorable team member video that shows off his hobbies and his humor!

WAVE 2: Denial *No. Nope. Not happening.*

cordell leaves make and were in denial

It’s hard to imagine MAKE without Cordell, especially since he has been here since the beginning of it all. He helped paint these walls. He helped produce our first feature film, DAWN. He was the brains behind numerous well-executed office pranks. He was the curator of countless ideas that translated so well on screen. Cordell was part of our team. He was a MAKEr. We were in denial because we couldn’t imagine a MAKE without a Cordell.

WAVE 3: Pride *go forth and conquer the world*

After the first two emotions came and went (truth: we’re still sad, but we’re dealing with it <INSERT TUB OF ICE CREAM HERE>), we reflected on what Cordell said when announcing his departure. He was leaving MAKE to follow his true passion, something he excels at tremendously: leadership. He was going to lead a theatre company. And we knew it was the right thing to do; Cordell is a born leader and Cavod is lucky to have him. We have no doubt that he will do amazing things. We felt pride because our colleague and friend is living out his dream.


At MAKE, we encourage each other to follow our dreams, even if that means they lead us away from MAKE (see blog post where we talk about this in more detail). I know what you’re thinking…but it’s true. We want a group of MAKErs who are truly passionate about what we’re doing and who want to be here. However, if at some point that changes for someone, we’ll support them entirely and of course throw them a banging farewell/congrats party on their way out with a slideshow that brings ~all the feels~ (watch Cordell’s below).


Tub of ice cream in hand, we move forward. Cordell’s farewell words on his last shoot with MAKE were, “Save me a scoop.” That we will, Cordell, that we will. Moving forward, we promise to keep your light-heartedness and cheery disposition alive.

Thanks to our deep bench of like-minded and incredibly talented freelance editors and gaffers, MAKE powers on. Our number one goal is to continue serving our clients with the best quality service and topnotch filmmaking they deserve.

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