MAKE Welcomes Grace Wagner as Coordinating Producer

Lisbet Byler

September 29, 2017


We couldn’t be more excited to introduce the newest member of team MAKE, Grace Wagner! At MAKE, Grace fills the much needed role of Coordinating Producer, because as our business grows, we need an organized self-starting machine who helps our producers produce.

Grace Wagner joins MAKE films

A Breakfast Welcome

As we do on everyone’s first day, we all grabbed breakfast to welcome Grace to the team. This time, we went to the oh so delicious and conveniently located just a block away…Cafe One Eight. After loading up on Rijuice, breakfast sandwiches, and copious amounts of coffee, we began the interrogation…I MEAN…we got to know Grace. We learned of her love for animals, her interest in true crime (specifically Law & Order SVU), and most importantly, her passion for film.

Back at MAKE

After breakfast, I continued to put Grace on blast to find out how she ended up at MAKE and what she enjoys doing when she’s not at the studio.

Lisbet: Let’s start with everyone’s favorite…tell me about yourself.
Grace: I like to be early to everything. I’m obsessed with my dog, Max. He’s a Shih-Tzu mixed with a Miniature Poodle. I want to be in the ocean all the time and at some point in my life I want to live on a tropical island. La Jolla is my favorite place I’ve been so far because of the beautiful beaches, and more importantly because of all the sea lions. My favorite activity is paddle boarding. I would describe myself as adventurous, witty, and passionate.

Grace Wagner's Dog Max

Lisbet: Being that we are in the film industry, I’m curious what your favorite tv show or movie is?
Grace: My favorite TV show is Survivor. I like it because of the different layers of competition. I love the idea of outwit, outplay, and outlast. I really want to be on Survivor, but I haven’t come up with a good idea for my audition video yet.

Lisbet: Yessss! I’m a huge Survivor fan too. Finally I have someone to talk game with! So how did you hear about MAKE films?
Grace: I heard about MAKE films from coworkers at my last internship. Three people that work there told me I just had to apply to MAKE because it’s a great company filled with great people, and the job would be perfect for me. After I applied, I started to look at MAKE’s website and viewed some of their work. After watching some of the extraordinary videos MAKE has created, I knew I wanted to be a part of the team.

Lisbet: Tell me a little bit about that internship and your training before arriving at MAKE?
Grace: Over the summer I had a production internship in Lancaster. In August, I graduated from Kutztown University with a bachelor’s degree in Cinema, TV, and Media Production.  

Lisbet: What do you think is the biggest opportunity in film right now?
Grace: I think the biggest opportunity is using the platform to tell stories and teach others about subjects they may know nothing about. But really…we all know the biggest opportunity is sharing videos of cute puppies.

Lisbet: How do you feel about the media industry?
Grace: I love the media industry because it is amazing to be able to put my passion into something, and then share it with the world.

Lisbet: What do you bring to the MAKE table?
Grace: I’m not only bringing my unique sense of humor, but also my love of planning and passion for creating which are crucial assets for a coordinating producer.

Lisbet: What are 5 things that excite you about MAKE?
Grace: The team, the location because there are so many restaurants so close (my favorite so far has been the blueberry bagels at Prince Street Cafe), the opportunity to do something I love everyday, the creativity, and the positive work environment.

Lisbet: What’s your dream job?
Grace: My dream job is to travel the world, meet new people, and capture it all on my camera. I want to go to Bali first because I want to experience the culture. There is so much to do in Bali and everything is so beautiful; I can’t wait to swim in the ocean, play with monkeys, and climb the mountains. Another dream of mine is to go to Bora Bora. The ocean is so blue and filled with sharks and stingrays. I am dying to interact with them and capture them on video.

Grace Wagner snorkeling in Florida

Lisbet: I know you haven’t been here long, but what is something that you like about MAKE that you didn’t expect?
Grace: I love that MAKE is like a family and I felt like part of it from my very first day.