You Like Us. You Really Like Us!

Lisbet Byler

October 4, 2017

MAKE films named 38th Annual Telly Awards winner.

Recognized as the premier award for honoring cable TV commercials and programs from around the globe, the Telly Awards are widely known and well respected. For the 38th Annual Telly Awards, there were over 13,000 entries from all 50 states and from numerous countries. As a Lancaster-based video production company, MAKE films is proud to announce that we have been named a 38th Annual Telly Award Silver and Bronze winner in four separate categories.

We are humbled to receive these awards, and we want to take this time to thank our moms and dads, our kindergarten teachers whose names we can’t quite remember, Jim Carrey for always keeping it real(ly weird), that guy in the Starbucks’ line who bought our lattes, and we have one specific message for that postal worker who told us we’d never make it…*cue loud orchestra music that drowns us out*…

Sally Field accepting Oscar win.

In all seriousness, we are deeply honored to be recognized for our work and are truly grateful for everyone who has helped MAKE films grow to the company it is today.


Our piece, entitled “DAWN,” won three of the awards: a Silver Telly for General-Not-for-profit for Branded Content & Entertainment, a Silver Telly for Craft-Use of Music for Branded Content & Entertainment, and a Bronze Telly for Craft-Directing for Branded Content & Entertainment. “DAWN” was an original short film produced by MAKE, that we later adapted for the American Cancer Society legacy ball fundraiser event.


Our piece, entitled “The Office Nemesis,” which was produced in conjunction with The Anderson Group for their client Armstrong Flooring, took home the fourth award, a Bronze Telly for General-Commercials for Branded Content & Entertainment.

In the “The Office Nemesis,” the flooring is the hero, so we set designed from the ground up (literally). We then proceeded to destroy the set in a battle for the ages. From the humor to the music, this piece turned out better than we could have imagined, due in large part to our wonderful partnership with The Anderson Group.


The Telly Awards started in 1979 to acknowledge excellence in the film industry. The global recognition this award receives has progressed each year. With the amount of video production companies on the rise, the quality of the submissions have risen as well.

According to the Telly Awards’ website, approximately 7-10% of submissions are chosen as Silver Telly Award winners and 18-25% are chosen as Bronze Telly Award winners. MAKE films is humbled to join this award-winning group, and we look forward to producing more content that pleases our clients and takes the film industry by storm.

make wins a telly - meryl streep