Finding Your Story

Derek Dienner

February 6, 2018

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As a creative business owner, I am constantly trying to figure out better ways to communicate my brand’s story, my why, the reason we all get up in the morning to serve our clients. My thinking is that the more I tell my story and the clearer I can communicate my brand narrative, the easier my target market will be able to grasp our vision, mission, and values. A brand narrative is connected to the culture of a company and contributes to how people feel when they interact with a brand. This is the foundation of all marketing and needs to be planned and intentional.

Finding Your Story MAKE films

MAKE films’ shoot with client, CHAR co.


Narrative means, “a spoken or written account of connected events; a story.” A brand narrative is simply the authentic story that connects people to your brand’s vision, mission, and values.  It’s the differentiator that attracts or detracts people to your brand.  

Think about some of the most well established brands, like Hershey, Apple, Netflix, Volkswagen, Red Bull, and Amazon. These brands do a great job telling their story through all of their daily communication. Every touch point these brands have with their clients is well thought out and follows a pre established script that matches their brand narrative.

Finding Your Story MAKE films

MAKE films’ shoot with client, M.H. Eby.


If you already have an established vision and mission statement and company values then you are at a good starting point. If you don’t have these yet, consider working with a coach or using online resources to craft them. Once you have established your company’s vision, mission, and values, sit down with your board, marketing team, business partner, coach, or simply with a blank piece of paper and start processing the following questions:

  1. Why was our company started?
  2. What was our company journey since we started and how has this impacted our clients?
  3. When a potential customer interacts with our brand, how do we want them to feel?
  4. Why does someone buy from us?
  5. Why does someone work for us?

Finding Your Story MAKE films

MAKE films’ creative brainstorm discussing our vision, mission, and values.


After answering these questions, formulate the answers into a 2-3 sentence brand narrative statement that you can broadcast internally to your team, allowing everyone to connect with it.  The goal is that when people read this or when you tell people your brand narrative, they quickly grasp why you do what you do and get a better understanding of your company culture.

When working on your brand narrative, it’s important to be authentic. Be true to your story, but be intentional about where you want your story to go and the culture you want to continue to cultivate and grow.

To be effective, you also need to share your brand narrative with the world. A strong social presence, posting regularly on your blog, and of course quality video content are a few great ways to communicate your story with your audience.

Finding Your Story MAKE films

MAKE films’ ‘ABOUT US’ film streaming from our website on an iPhone.

In this crazy digital world full of daily information overload, finding and articulating a strong brand narrative will certainly help set your company up for success.