Are you cut out for this ride?

Catlin Baksa

March 20, 2018

Flagger Force partnered with MAKE films to target new talent through an edgy recruitment film.


Strategy led this project from concept to mastering. We kicked it off with focus groups to gain insights on what drives Flagger Force’s best and most seasoned field employees. The discoveries brought forward their strongest traits and characteristics that drove the creative for the video; pride, resilience, desire for variety and independence.


In recruitment, how can we qualify new talent to make sure they’re a good fit? Through authentic representation and a compelling call to action.

We created a narrative piece told from the employee’s perspective to represent and embody the qualities of an ideal candidate in a real, relatable way. The film represents the reality of the job; it’s rough and tough, it requires endurance, it takes you places, and it provides independence.

After showing the reality of the job, we close the video by asking the candidate directly, “Do you have what it takes? Is this for you?” Through our research and discovery, we identified that lead field employees are up for a challenge, so we created a call to action that challenges, “Are you cut out for this ride?”


Steve Buckwalter, DP and Editor at MAKE, shared how he approached the job as the DP, “I went into the project with a desire to show Flagger Force employees at their strongest and most dynamic. The RED camera provided the cinematic look and slow motion, and staying on longer lenses isolated the team members in their world. Searching for ways to show different types of weather and environments, we built a shooting plan that gave us a wide range of locations in a short amount of time, and even created a rain bar to allow us to drench the flaggers in a dramatic way.”


The outcome: An authentic recruitment film that identifies with lead talent and instills pride in current Flagger Force employees.

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