Maybe Netflix SHOULD Charge More

Aaron Dienner

March 23, 2018

An Aaron Dienner rant about why the public needs to chill out and embrace the change.


Last October, Netflix dropped a bomb on their customers via email. They announced they’re increasing their subscription price by *gulp* 9%…and the internet lost its mind.

Maybe Netflix SHOULD Charge More - MAKE films

Countless people even threatened to cancel their membership. They’re either upset because they don’t want to pay for the increase, or they don’t think the content is worth the price.

I myself have spent hours searching through Netflix, trying to find the next great movie or show to watch. And just like you, I’ve been unsuccessful many times, causing me to give up the search out of frustration and leaving me thinking, “Why do I pay for this service when I can’t find anything to watch!?”


It’s exactly because of my frustration when browsing through Netflix that I think we should all be embracing the price increase instead of complaining about it. But why?

Raise your hand if you’ve binged Stranger Things, House of Cards, or Orange is the New Black? How about The Crown, The OA, or Mindhunter? Thought so. Would you like more great shows like these? That’s what I thought!

The reason I’m so passionate about this is because I’m a part of the film industry, so I know what it’s like to be on the other side of the equation as the content creator.


In the film industry, quality and cost go hand in hand. When a budget drives a project, sacrifices need to be made. As a result, corners need to be cut where investment would pay off – in things like quality talent, props and wardrobe, sound design, visual effects, or planning and editing time. As creatives, we’ll always fight to create the best end product, however, when enabled with a larger budget, it will always pay off in a better end product.


When Netflix started in 1997, I doubt they envisioned their entire future as, “Hey! Lets offer a bunch of mediocre movies to the masses at a minimal subscription rate!” I think it’s been their goal all along to create great, original content. The company even said so itself in the same email announcing the price increase in October, that this coming Fall they’re planning on making their library 50% original content. Netlifx CFO David Wells also just announced that their adding 700 new and original shows in 2018, and spending $8 billion to do so. That means less of the same old media, and more of the Netflix Original content that we all know and love.

Think about it this way. We (the viewers) are Netflix’s client. In order for us to continue watching great content, we need to be okay with contributing 9% more for said content. You get what you pay for, and I’m confident this price increase will only lead to more and more binge-worthy content.

And with 117.58 million members streaming 8 billion hours of content every week, Netflix is clearly doing something right.