New Film for Brenntag | Water is Life

Lisbet Byler

January 17, 2019

Brenntag is a company with a US headquarters on the east coast which produces, among other things, advanced water filtration technologies for commercial, home, and even use in underdeveloped countries.

Brenntag approached MAKE with a desire to make a thoughtful video about the importance of clean water as it directly affects us everyday. What would a world without water look like? We eerily portray this by removing water from the scenes but keeping the sounds of water and life as the viewer watches a brief story of a dinner party. At one particular moment, using mechanized dolly technology, we reveal the world as we know it. Imparting an appreciation for the often overlooked element…water.

Written by: Allen Clements

Directed by: Derek Dienner

DP: Steve Buckwalter