Steve Buckwalter, Director of Development

Lisbet Byler

January 22, 2019

MAKE ended 2018 with an energizing internal announcement that we are so excited to share! Steve Buckwalter, DP & Editor at MAKE, was promoted to our first ever Director of Development. In this new role, Steve will handle the development of our MAKE original content.

After freelancing with MAKE for a couple years, Steve joined the team in the fall of 2017. With Steve’s strong background in original content creation, Derek Dienner, CEO & Creative Director at MAKE, felt it was only natural to extend his job description and title to Director of Development, giving Steve the reins to run MAKE’s original content efforts.
Steve on set with MAKE at Frontline Education.

After his promotion, I spoke with Steve about his new role and goals for MAKE original:

Lisbet: What aspect of your new role excites you?

Steve: It’s always exciting to plan for the future and be around at the birth of new projects. But it’s also exciting to help others move their projects forward and to be the company cheerleader for development as individuals and as a company.

Steve on set with Aaron Dienner, DP and Editor at MAKE.

Lisbet: What is your 1 year goal as Director of Development?

Steve: Our 1 year goal is to have at least one finished MAKE original project out in the world and finding an audience, but even more, to have a pipeline of original projects in development that are well on their way to being invested in and produced.

Lisbet: What about your 5 year goal?

Steve: That we will have proven ourselves as a company that’s willing to take risks, and be ambitious, and create amazing content, in whatever form that takes. And that we’re not just making things, but that we’re doing impressive, outstanding work.

Steve Buckwalter, Director of Development at MAKE films
Steve on the set of a new MAKE original series, coming soon.

Lisbet: Why did you want to take on this role?

Steve: Telling original stories has always been my motivating passion, and was a big part of why I joined MAKE films, where there is a collective desire to be content creators. So taking on this role where I get to be a part of growing this part of the business is really exciting to me.

Congratulations Steve!

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