MAKE Welcomes Leticia Joy Kreider

Lisbet Byler

September 16, 2019

Last week, MAKE experienced some serious joy overload in the form of our new team member, Leticia Joy Kreider, who joins MAKE as an Accounts Manager. Helpful from hour one, Leticia took off running in her new role as she assisted the producers with proposals, attended new business meetings with Derek, and met with Lisbet to streamline studio processes. 

With the intention of gathering of a few fun facts about our newest hire, I chatted with Leticia about life before MAKE, which I quickly found out was an unconventional and beautiful journey of which we at MAKE are thrilled led her to our quaint studio in Lancaster City. 

Leticia Joy Kreider joins MAKE films
Leticia’s new headshot curtesy of the super talented photographer Matthew Tennison.

Lisbet: “Tell me about your career path prior to landing at MAKE.”

Leticia: “During University, I worked for the Lancaster City Prothonotary filing civil suits and I worked as a paralegal for two different lawyers in civil and estate law. My plan had always been to go to Law School after my undergrad. Instead, I took a break from school and paralegal work getting a job as a barista and playing music in a band. A very mature option!

Soon after that change, I found myself in administrative and bookkeeping work…very much by chance. But I continued work within the field of bookkeeping and managerial/administration. This was something I was able to do remotely while I traveled and lived around the world for 3-4 years. From Scandinavia and Western Europe to Australia and New Zealand… I had some incredible experiences during that time. 

Also, in my early twenties, I worked a roofing job for one weekend and spent one day dipping Stroopies in chocolate for 8 hours straight. Desperate times. Desperate times.”

Lisbet: “Who is ‘Leticia’?”

Leticia: “I think that’s a question I will continue to ask myself my entire life! Leticia is a human constantly becoming. BUT I assume you’re wanting something a bit more concrete…

Leticia loves to laugh, learn, and be challenged. She enjoys helping people and she finds humans incredibly crazy (I think crazy is great) and fascinating. She appreciates quality over quantity and believes time is meant to be savored not feared. She inwardly worries unnecessarily at times (ie. often) and can be a perfectionist (ie. is). But all in all, she’s learning to allow herself the self-compassion and grace to be and become one day at a time.”

Lisbet: “Why do you get up in the morning? What gives you energy?”

Leticia: “I get up in the morning for that first cup of coffee. Oh yeah, and I guess for the unlimited possibilities and experiences that await a new day.

I gain energy from taking time to write, whether song or poem or story and I love getting out in nature. A walk through the forest is always life-giving to me, especially when I’m having a rough day/week. Also, meaningful conversations with others about life, books/podcasts and ways to improve the earth and lives of others. I’m invigorated when I find people that want to have these unforced kinds of chats.”

Lisbet: “What excites you about the film industry?”

Leticia: “Seeing all of the moving parts and learning from the people that aid in creating a visual story.”

Lisbet: “What drew you to MAKE?”

Leticia: “I am very driven by the creative part of my mind, BUT I also love the organizational and task-oriented processes of administration and business. I have never found a job where I felt there was a possibility for both. Being around other creative minds is extremely exciting to me.”

Lisbet: “What do you hope to accomplish at MAKE?”

Leticia: “My first and foremost hope is to be helpful to the team at MAKE. I’d like to make other team members jobs easier and open up ways for them to focus on more of what they hope/desire to be doing. Helping people is something that brings me a lot of joy. I am also excited to learn more about the film industry and create new skills.”

Lisbet: “Is there anything else people should know about you?”

Leticia: “I’m an introverted extrovert. I gain energy from time alone and reflection BUT I also find joy and energy from meaningful and fun experiences with others. Also, I tend to hum a lot…unknowingly. So my apologies ahead of time.”


Favorite activity: Crossword Puzzles. I’m addicted. My day doesn’t feel complete without doing at least one.

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite TV show: I don’t watch a ton of television… but I used to love The Office (British version) and I could always watch a random episode of Friends.

Dream vacation spot: Portugal… or the Basque Coastal Region of France.

Favorite type of food: Meditteranean

Favorite Book: The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Favorite Song: Oom Sha La La by Hayley Heyndericx OR Words by Ane Brun. This is such an unfair question!

Favorite Quote: “If we had a keen vision of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow or the squirrel’s heart beat, and we should die of the roar which lies on the other side of silence. As it is, the quickest of us walk about well-wadded with stupidity.” – George Eliot