How we can help get your message out

Allen Clements

April 7, 2020

You know MAKE/ as a cinematic powerhouse, but did you know that we also use graphics, animation, and visual effects to accentuate our cinematography and meet production challenges?

Sometimes, animation or motion graphics may be the ideal way to reach a specific audience through a specific channel. In times like we are seeing now, it may just be out of necessity. In any case, it is a powerful and wisely wielded tool in the MAKE/ toolbox.

We have experience with traditional illustrated animation, motion graphics, 3D, and stop motion animation and at a time when filming is well…challenging, we can still bring your message to life through these mediums, be it subtle and budget-minded, epic and unforgettable, or somewhere in-between.

There are a lot of communications needs that our clients are expressing. You may have an important message of comfort or assurance for your community. You may want to create a video that reminds people about essential services you provide that they need at this time. You may need to teach or explain procedures that are emerging for your company.

We can accomplish what you need with the same MAKE/ polish that you know and love, without filming, and ultimately leaving you the time to take care of all of the other important things on your plate.

If you would like to utilize our services to reach your audience, please reach out.