The Spirit of Drinks | Teaser Release

Lisbet Byler

May 5, 2020

The Spirit of Drinks is a docuseries that explores unassuming ingredients behind the alluring beverage industry, examining origin and practice, led by experts from farmers to distillers to bartenders around the world.


The most unassuming ingredients behind the alluring beverage industry are examined in this docuseries. We’re deconstructing the delicious drinks you think you know and love… simplifying them each down to a single ingredient in its purest form. Led by experts from farmers to distillers to barkeeps around the world, each episode will dive into one key ingredient. We’ll travel to the best growers and producers to learn about the importance of origin … we’ll get clarity in craft from harvesters, distillers, and brewers … and we’ll experience ingredients as they are presented in today’s social scene.


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Industry Professionals | Aaron Selya, Brian Ellison, Andrew Auwerda, Jeremy Bazely, Kevin Trottier, Ron Doetch


Philadelphia Distilling, Deaths Door Spirits, The Barmadillo, Margaret Ebeling, Ryann Marlar, Tyler Peters, Jason Veal, Chad Vogel, Susan Ulm, Jenny Rodriguez, Hadassah Wilson, Greengate Farm, Zoetropolis, Tellus360, Horse Inn, Thistle Finch Distillery, St. Boniface Craft Brewing Co.

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