New Release | For The Love Of Alex

Lisbet Byler

July 24, 2020

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Going into this project, we wanted to give it a slightly different feel and tone to some of our other work, so we used the RED Ranger along with a custom made LUT to give the colors a more pastel feel and to really emphasize the warmth of the happy moments and the grayness of the unhappy moments. Using Zeiss superspeeds and shooting wide open also helped give it a different feel, since they are vintage lenses and flare really nicely and have an incredibly shallow depth of field. The lighting was very directional from outside the windows and the color contrasts were emphasized with the choices of gels and placement of the lighting.


Client | For The Love Of Alex

Director | Catlin Williams

Producer | Grace Wagner

Director of Photography | Steve Buckwalter

Gaffer | Aaron Dienner

PA | Seth Bortner

Grip | Jim Hollenbaugh

Behind the Scenes Photographer | Jordan Graff