NEW WORK | Arkema & Pebax

Lisbet Byler

October 4, 2020

Mizuno’s new Wave Rider 24 uses the Wave Plate which is made with sustainably sourced, bio-based Pebax® Rnew® polymer derived from castor beans. Mizuno and the Pebax Powered® team collaborated with MAKE/FILMS to create this video focusing on the castor bean journey: from the farms of India to the Mizuno Wave Plate technology to the Wave Rider 24, and finally to the runner’s feet!


Going into this project we knew the hero of this spot was the pebax plate. To best highlight our hero, I chose to use a probe lens which makes small things appear bigger and larger than life. We also had footage from the client that was shot on a mini DV cam so we had to get creative on how to integrate that with RED footage we would capture. In post, we decided to add some film grain and overlays to really push the sustainability factor and to contrast their footage with ours. In the end I was extremely pleased with how it all came together thanks to the thoughtful choices our crew and the team at Arkema made along the way. – Aaron Dienner


The awesome team at Arkema trusted MAKE/ to create a vision and script for this product-focused spot. In return we delivered a high energy piece that was story-driven to highlight the product’s features. We loved working with their team and look forward to future projects together! -Catlin Williams


Director: Aaron Dienner
Producer: Catlin Williams
Director of Photography: Steve Buckwalter
Camera Operator & Gaffer: Matt Stambaugh
Grip: Zacc Bangert


Cameras: RED Gemini, RED Ranger Gemini, Mini DV Cam (Client provided footage).
Lenses: Sigma Cinema Lenses, Venus Optics Laowa 24mm Probe Lens.
Additional equipment: Movi, Kessler Shuttle Dolly.