It’s Not Goodbye, It’s See You Later

Lisbet Byler

September 7, 2021


Last week we said goodbye to longtime Maker Allen Clements as he heads client side to create content for an all-natural asphalt roof rejuvenator company. We will miss our dear friend for many reasons, but his kind heart, witty sense of humor, and insane creative skills are definitely high on the list. 

If you’ve had the pleasure of working with Allen you know he is truly one of a kind. He’s the first person to step up to help a colleague in need, even if his plate is already full. He’s the first to throw out a wild idea in a brainstorm to get the ball rolling. He’s the first to offer to help write anything (because he can knock out 1,000 words before his first cup of coffee). Allen is a top notch friend and colleague, and we will miss him dearly. 

Allen Clements

Before his departure, Allen reflected on his time at MAKE/:

“Working at MAKE/FILMS for the past five years has been an experience for which I am extremely grateful. 

I remember in early 2016 when I walked into MAKE/’s doors to catch up with Derek for whom I had done animation work for in the past. His entrepreneurial planning included hiring an animator and producer and then I walked in the door, curious about opportunities at MAKE/FILMS. What a coincidence. I feel satisfied about what I brought to the company to help it grow and in turn, received a lot from the company to help me grow.

There’s been a number of career firsts for me while at MAKE/FILMS. My first broadcast documentary series and Emmy Nomination is probably among the greatest highlights but the real treasured memories are the fun times, laughs, and intensely creative moments with my colleagues as we made meaningful content for ourselves, our audiences, and our clients.

When my family had to relocate outside of Lancaster during a time that was disruptive for so many people, MAKE/ was gracious enough to support me in that move. We’ve been through so much together, our founder’s battle with cancer, awards, film festivals, and success for our partners.

As some people know, I have a deep passion for the environment and how consumers and businesses can positively affect our natural systems. I was lucky enough to receive an offer from a company with a natural product that reduces waste streams and look forward to having a chance to make an impact in that space. I know that my colleagues from MAKE/FILMS will continue their impressive trajectory and will remain trusted collaborators in my new position.”

We wish you nothing but the best in all your future endeavors, Allen. Cheers to you!

If Allen’s been your point of contact at MAKE/, never fear! Our team is here to create a seamless transition for all of Allen’s current and future projects. Please email with any questions!