MAKE/ Welcomes Spring 2022 Intern

Lisbet Byler

February 15, 2022

Last month we welcomed Maxwell DeTurck as our Spring 2022 Production Intern. I chatted with our newest crew member to learn more about his path leading up to MAKE/ and to find out his plans post-graduation.

Maxwell DeTurck MAKE/FILMS Intern
Maxwell on set with MAKE/FILMS

Lisbet: “Who is ‘Maxwell’?”

Maxwell: “Well, I am about to graduate from Kutztown University and fully leap into what will hopefully be a long career in the film industry. I love making any type of art; film is the obvious one. But I love to draw, paint, animate, sculpt, write, etc. Any creative outlet has grabbed ahold of me at one point or another.”

Lisbet: “Why do you get up in the morning? What gives you energy?”

Maxwell: “While sleeping in and resting is one of my favorite past times, it’s the FOMO (fear of missing the opportunity) of the day that gets me going. The day’s opportunity can come in the form of the work that needs to be done or the project I’m working on that day. But on my days off it’s nice to just think and concept on the next cool idea or fun project I want to make.”

Maxwell DeTurck MAKE/FILMS Intern
Maxwell on set with MAKE/FILMS

Lisbet: “What excites you about the film industry?”

Maxwell: “It’s an industry that is always changing. Not to say other industries aren’t changing but the rate at which the film industry changes is exciting and staggering. There’s so much being made and so much to make. It can be scary thinking about making something in what some call an “over-saturated” market, but that’s exactly what pushes me to want to make the next thing as good as it can be. So it does stand out amongst the rest and make an impact creatively, emotionally, and meaningfully.”

Maxwell DeTurck MAKE/FILMS Intern
Maxwell on set with MAKE/FILMS

Lisbet: “What drew you to MAKE/?”

Maxwell: “Honestly, it feels cliché. What drew me at first was seeing the name, MAKE/FILMS. It jumped out at me because the main idea put into my head throughout college by my professors was to just go out and make something. We can sit in a class all day talking about lighting, directors, or screenplays. But none of it matters or is truly learned until you put it into practice and make something. Every mistake is a learning experience, so with every project made you learn and become better at it. So once I saw MAKE/FILMS and read through your website and mission statement, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. How MAKE/ presents itself is exactly the type of place I want to be. A place that wants to make something meaningful as a team.”

Lisbet: “What do you hope to accomplish at MAKE/?”

Maxwell: “I feel like in the short time I have been involved with MAKE/ I’ve already accomplished a lot. I’ve gotten to do so much with the projects and learned so much from the employees at MAKE/ on set. I’m looking forward to everything and anything to come next with MAKE/.”

Maxwell DeTurck MAKE/FILMS Intern
Maxwell on set with MAKE/FILMS

Lisbet: “What’s next for Maxwell?”

Maxwell: “I feel like all my answers have been long so far, so as for what’s next for me… to make something but better than the last.”


Favorite activity: Drawing/Painting

Favorite movie: Good Fellas

Favorite TV show: Mr. Robot

Favorite Director: Bong Joon-ho

Favorite DP/Cinematographer: Steve Buckwalter (GREAT answer, Maxwell)

Dream vacation spot: New Zealand

Favorite type of food: Spanish Food

Favorite book: Wise Guys

Favorite quote: “The most personal is the most creative”