MAKE/ Welcomes Producer Danielle Barr

Lisbet Byler

February 21, 2022

We are thrilled to announce that earlier this month we welcomed veteran producer Danielle Barr to our crew. Danielle brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from her 14+ years in the industry, and we cannot wait to learn from and work with her. I sat down with Danielle to learn about her path leading up to MAKE/, and to find out more about our newest crew member.

Danielle Barr MAKE/FILMS

Lisbet: I’d love to hear more about your path leading up to MAKE/.

Danielle: I played field hockey at the University of Louisville, where I met two of my best friends who are from Australia. So after graduation I decided to get my masters degree in event management in Australia, and stayed there for three years until the day my Visa expired. 

When I returned to the states (fourteen years ago), I took a job as a production coordinator. At the time I had no interest in the film industry and zero experience. I planned on being at the job for a few months to make some money and head back to Australia by Christmas. But I ended up really loving my coworkers and I found the industry interesting, so they hired me full time and the rest is history!

Lisbet: I have to ask… did you encounter any large spiders in Australia?

Danielle: YES! One time I was walking out of an apartment and something jumped on my head. I frantically swiped it off and onto the ground in front of me. It was then I saw the huge spider that I swear was blocking me from getting past it. It was absolutely horrible.

DISCLAIMER: This may or may not be the exact spider that attacked Danielle (it’s probably not, but there’s a chance)

Lisbet: Well that’s my worst nightmare. Moving on! Who is Danielle? Share a little about yourself.

Danielle: Hard working; loyal; detailed oriented. I love spending time with my family, especially outdoors. I love the beach. And of course I love my 11 year old English Bulldog, Coogee (named after a beach in Australia).

Lisbet: What excites you about the film industry?

Danielle: Because of the industry we’re in and my role in it, I get excited at how different everyday is. It’s never just checking in and checking out. It’s constant collaboration with other people; from freelancers, to my team members, to clients and brands. I especially enjoy the challenges this job brings and having to figure out solutions on a daily basis. Seeing the list of tasks I’ve completed in a day gives me energy and motivates me to do more and do better.

Lisbet: What drew you to MAKE/?

Danielle: The people. The culture. I could see it in the advertising. The content that’s produced here is a lot different than I’m used to and I really respect it. I can’t wait to find my footing and dive into projects with the crew! Especially people focused content.

Danielle Barr MAKE/FILMS


Favorite activity: Hanging out with my kids and figuring out cool things to do with them – right now that usually involves dinosaurs or trains.

Favorite movie: Captain Fantastic

Favorite TV show: Ozark

Dream vacation spot: Mauritius

Favorite food: All things Mexican – as long as I can avoid cilantro!

Favorite quote: “Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure.” – Bob Bitchin

Welcome to the crew, Danielle!