Catlin Baksa, Creative Director at MAKE/FILMS

Catlin Baksa

November 1, 2022

Celebrating her six year anniversary today, MAKE/ is also excited to announce that Catlin Baksa has stepped into a new role as Creative Director at MAKE/FILMS. Catlin Baksa enlivens creativity through her new role as creative director.

From Catlin Baska –

Earlier this year, Derek came to me with a vision to enhance MAKE’s creative offerings for commercial and film & TV, and that vision would benefit from a dedicated role that could focus solely on that; a Creative Director. Over my six years at MAKE/ serving as a Producer and more recently as a Director, Derek recognized that I have demonstrated a strong passion for creative contribution and strategy, making this career evolution a perfect fit.

The commitment of a full-time Creative Director at MAKE/FILMS demonstrates MAKE’s strong belief in its mission to produce meaningful content that motivates and inspires. MAKE’s vision is to continue to elevate our production value, service and offerings by expanding our creative capabilities. The Creative Director role will focus on exactly that.  

I am stepping into this new role with excitement and energy. Combining that with my dedicated care to clients and team alike, we look forward to creating many more memorable, impactful videos.

Learn more about my background and vision for the Creative Director role in our Q&A below! 

Catlin Baksa directing for MAKE/FILMS on the set of Listrak's video shoot.
Catlin directing on set at Listrak.

Question (MAKE/): What is your creative background?

Answer (Catlin): I’m stepping into this role with a decade of experience in visual and marketing communications. I have a well-rounded background with experience in video production, advertising and marketing, brand development, commercial photography, visual arts and editorial production – each of which have contributed to who I am and how I approach all that I do. 

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Tyler School of Art of Temple University. Attending fine art school taught me how to think critically, ask questions, and find meaning. With enough thoughtfulness you can communicate a lot, even in a single frame. 

My main objective after undergrad was to always hold a job that allowed for creativity. I started in commercial photography and videography where I found a love of being on set – there’s just nothing like the magic of “lights, camera, action”. Working at a full service marketing agency allowed me to take the visual communications skills and conceptual thinking I learned in college and apply them to marketing communications; from brand identities and brand positioning to websites and print advertising. 

In my six years at MAKE/FILMS, I’ve had the privilege of exercising my creativity through concept development, writing, directing, and art directing a range of video productions. I’ve had a hand in creating award-winning films, recognized by the ADDY Awards (Gold,  Silver) and Telly Awards (Gold, Silver, Bronze).

Catlin Baksa gives creative direction while viewing the monitor with the assistant director on the set of the Lancaster Chamber's 150th Annual Dinner Open Video shoot, produced by MAKE/FILMS
Catlin leading creative direction on the set of the Lancaster Chamber’s 150th Annual Dinner Opening Video shoot.

Q: Why are you excited about this role?

A: Being in the position to add value to any project by way of thoughtful creativity absolutely excites me. This role allows my passions to align with my strongest skills. That combination is an energetic force that I can’t wait to step into. 

I am curious by nature, and feel fulfilled when I’m able to help clarify purpose, develop creative solutions from that foundation, and can have a hand in bringing that vision to life. 

This role allows me to make a strategic, creative impact on our client’s experience and video productions, continue to help grow MAKE’s creative strengths and capabilities, and encourage the growth of our talented, endlessly inspiring team.

I’ll also be able to not only continue to work with clients I’ve built relationships with over the years, but reach and help even more of MAKE’s clients!

Q: What are your strengths that will be brought out working as a Creative Director?

A: Creativity, curiosity, strategic communicating, intentionality, thoughtfulness, and drive. 

Creating clarity around objectives and developing strategic creative approaches and key messaging from that foundation is what drives me. With a clear vision on “why”, it is the North Star that helps guide all other elements of creation (ie; production).

Catlin Baksa directs child actor on the set of For the Love of Alex fundraising video, produced by MAKE/FILMS
Catlin directing on the set of For the Love of Alex “I Want to Save a Life” video.

Q: What can clients expect when working with you?

A: Working with me, clients can expect a strategic creative ally. I will maintain the same collaborative, encouraging, thoughtful nature that I’ve always brought to projects in the past. As Creative Director, I am able to give even more energy and focus to the bigger picture – creating meaningful content that generates impactful results.

At the inception of a project, I’ll work collaboratively with clients to establish a creative vision that serves your project’s needs, and help assemble the best team to see that vision through. As Creative Director throughout production; I will serve as a creative sounding board to clients and crew, as well as guide the project’s vision and intention, working collaboratively with the team to help develop thoughtful creative solutions all the way through to final delivery.

Q: Lastly, what are your favorite sources of inspiration, and how do you move through a creative block?

A: My process relies on writing, however, I am most inspired by experiences (like visiting a restaurant that checks the boxes of all five senses), art, and visuals. I prefer watching movies and series twice – once for the story experience, and again so I can gawk over the production design and wardrobe.
To move through a creative block, I require caffeine (espresso or americano, preferably), collaboration and interaction, and sometimes taking a step or some time away from something to come at it again with a fresh perspective.

Catlin Baksa claps on set after the wrap of another great shoot for the Lancaster Chamber, produced by MAKE/FILMS

We look forward for what’s to come! If you’d like to learn more about me or discuss ideas about video content, feel free to reach out. I am always open to grabbing an espresso and chatting all-things-creative – ideas, ideologies, approaches – you name it! In the meantime, you can check out more of my work here.