MAKE/ Welcomes Max Zug, Director of Client Solutions

Derek Dienner

February 7, 2023

We are excited to welcome Max Zug to our crew! Max brings over 35 years of experience in strategy, writing, directing, and creating content. He is bringing his knowledge and experience to our clients, helping them bring their commercials to life.

Get to know Max and his journey leading him to us below!

In a few sentences, what was your path leading up to MAKE?
Way back in grade school making super 8mm films with my friend Randy, I realized putting two seemingly unrelated shots next to one another added up to something for whoever watched.  Temple University explained to me that this was Eisenstein’s concept of dialectical montage. I believe every career move I have made since then has been about the viewer thinking something and my part in creating that thought.  It’s still magic to me.

Share a little bit about yourself, your interests, and your hobbies.

I married my middle-school crush and together we created two insanely creative young men who now work in the music industry in Nashville.  Family is the center of my life, but cooking, guitar, and all things unaffordable collector cars are a passion. Travel has been a huge part of my life. I’ve directed, shot, or acct. supervised in 48 states, 5 continents, and a bunch of countries. I’m a fierce advocate for the film community here in Pennsylvania and have served on the board of the Pennsylvania Film Industry Association since at least 2017. Ask me how you can get involved and grow the PA Film Tax Credit.

What excites you about the film industry?
The people. Doesn’t matter in what town, state, country, or continent I am working – I am always inspired by film industry peeps.

What drew you to MAKE?
The authenticity. And the fact that above all else, the quality and purpose of the work matters most.

What are you excited about for the future here at MAKE?
Growth has always been exciting to me.  Not just revenue, or size — but personal growth. And just as importantly, the growth of those creating with me.  I’m excited to see if together we can not only grow MAKE/ and the Makers – but the film and tv community here in Lancaster.

Rapid Fire

Favorite activity: Cooking

Favorite movie:  The Shining

Favorite TV show: The Dick van Dyke Show

Dream vacation spot: Any one of those places with grass huts over crystal turquoise ocean water near the equator.

Favorite food: Steelhead

Favorite quote: Time is never endless

Welcome to the crew, Max!