Max Zug

Max has always been amazed that placing one shot next to another makes a viewer draw a conclusion.

He first experienced the phenomenon of making super 8mm movies in grade school —  creating army-men battles, Godzilla destruction epics, and animated celluloid experiments. It wasn’t until his time at Temple University’s School of Communications and Theater that he realized the concept had a name — dialectical montage. And was almost as old as the technology of film itself. This powerful phenomenon has driven his career.

In the early 1990s Max traveled North America shooting and directing marketing films, large-scale meetings content, and national broadcast commercials for New Holland, NA. Max then spent the next 25 years leading Max Films and TC Motion. He worked with some of the most powerful and recognized brands in the home decor and construction sectors.

Max has worked on 4 continents, countless states, and countries putting one shot in front of another to educate, excite, and persuade viewers — all the while still being amazed by the magic of the medium with which he fell in love so many years ago. An experienced copywriter, director of photography, editor, and director — his work with large enterprises, institutions, and branding agencies have developed his marketing acumen. Like everyone on the MAKE Team, “why” is always top-of-mind. 

These days Max’s work will concentrate on prescribing solutions to new and existing customers. By sharing the MAKE/FILMS’ discovery, production, and delivery processes, Max intends to ensure everyone in the MAKE orbit experiences the magic of powerful, motion-based communication.