MAKE/FILMS has partnered with reputable industrial brands of all shapes and sizes to produce meaningful content that delivers results.

By focusing on creating experiences to inspire and motivate people, our approach to producing meaningful content is radically different. We invest in deeply understanding our clients to discover the unexpected and draw impactful stories out of the seemingly ordinary (and because of that they have some pretty nice things to say about us). It’s through these collaborative storytelling experiences that we captivate audiences and transform them into passionate fans.


You don’t want to attract any customer, you want to attract and pre-qualify the right customer. With strategic external video content you can communicate your business’s core values, drawing in your dream clientele. 


Video is a highly effective communication tool. Using internal video content you can communicate important information to your employees in a personal and memorable way. Think safety, policies, announcements, and celebrating company culture.


Finding top talent in a competitive job market is a challenge. An effective recruitment video can change the game for your recruitment efforts by helping you land and retain lead talent. Ask MAKE/FILMS about creating recruitment films that can be used in a variety of talent marketplaces.