Short Film | Safehouse

MAKE original’s short film, Safehouse, depicts the realities of human trafficking and modern day slavery. This story of restoration will inspire hope to all and bring awareness to what is happening in our own backyard in Lancaster, PA.

The film was created as a promotion for Cavod Academy of the Arts show, Safehouse.


Director: Aaron Dienner, Cara Dienner

Writer: Aaron Dienner, Cara Dienner

Producer: Derek Dienner, Aaron Dienner, Cara Dienner

Director of Photography: Aaron Dienner

Editor: Aaron Dienner

Colorist: Aaron Dienner

Gaffer/Grip: Cordell Huyard

Make-up and Wardrobe: Hanna Bacon, Cara Dienner


Dancers/Women: Bente Lefever, Savannah Huyard, Jaelyn Roche, Sierra Anastasi

Trafficker: Cordell Huyard

Man: Nathan Todd


Special thanks to Kelly Dantinne from The Excelsior for allowing us to use their location for the dance scenes.