Documentary | The Day I Became Alive

At 31, Derek Dienner was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Faced with his own mortality, Derek learned how to turn tragedy into a motivator for change. As Derek reflected on his journey, he realized August 24th, 2017 was not the day he was diagnosed with cancer, but the day he became alive.

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Directors: Aaron Dienner & Allen Clements

Executive Producer: Derek Dienner

Producers: Allen Clements, Lisbet Byler, Catlin Williams, & Grace Wagner

Director of Photography: Aaron Dienner

Additional Camera: Steve Buckwalter

Behind the Scenes Camera Operator: Jacob Hopkins

Editor: Aaron Dienner

Credits & Title Design: Derek Hollister


Derek Dienner

Ashley Dienner

Walid Hesham, MD

Ethan Dienner

Makayla Dienner


Derek would like to thank: