Extraordinary Use of Video during the Extraordinary Give

Lancaster is an EXTRAORDINARY place.

Lancaster County is the most extraordinary, generous county!  We just raised over $7.1 million dollars last Friday during the 5th annual Extraordinary Give. This year was the biggest give yet! 45,478 people came together in the county to support over 400 non-profit organizations.

One of our clients, Attollo (also know as Children Deserve a Chance), had an incredible response this year.  Their organization received the most total gifts of 1,812 and the 2nd most donation total of $265,413.   They did a great job using the power of video to tell their story and to interact with the supporters.

How did video work for them?

The day of the Give: They used Facebook live to give updates throughout the day and keep their supporters engaged and involved.

Lead-up to the Give: We produced a short film for Attollo to share before the event to help generate awareness and excitement for their college access program and the amazing support of their organization – empowering the youth in the community.


Congratulations to Attollo and Children Deserve a Chance for all of the hard work you do to empower youth in their pursuit of academic achievement! Click here to learn more.



Delivering Crowdfunding to School Sports Arena with PLEDGE IT

This summer we were approached by tech start-up PLEDGE IT to produce a story that would launch their new crowdfunding innovation.

School sports programs need funding.

Whether it’s a new soccer goal, uniform subsidizing, or providing more growth and leadership opportunities for the players, it’s a simple fact that these programs need financial resources to keep moving forward and improving. In the past, sports teams have had a variety of fundraisers with buy out options. This might be a sandwich sale, some sort of gift card or coupon sale or various event-based fundraisers.

Empowering athletes with performance-based funding.

PLEDGE IT expands upon the per-mile fundraising model and combines that with rapid internet crowdfunding and shareability. The difference with PLEDGE IT is that patrons (parents, classmates, family, staff) are pledging a donation for the athletes’ performance. And that gives the student even more incentive to perform.

Changing the game – everyone wins.

We needed to tell a story that was relatable to those who are involved and invested in school sports. Challenge, overcoming adversity, failures and successes, and in the end, leaving with experience and pride in accomplishments. With this in mind, we felt is was best to approach this project with a flexible, nimble mindset to let the footage unfold naturally. We attended team practices and games to capture the excitement and dedication of athletes, team staff, and fans that drive the incentivized performance behind this fundraising platform.

The excitement of these games, the fans roaring, the heart of the players and the commitment to their team and goals – all combined with the donation-incentive of PLEDGE IT – is a win-win for everyone.

Helen Jane Long at MAKE films

MAKE films happily hosted Helen Jane Long and the London Players, featuring cellist extraordinaire, Dave Eggar, on November 11, 2016. It was an intimate setting, with sixty guests gathered around the baby grand piano in the center of the studio.

View a sneak peak of our short video from the sold out performance, and be sure to check back with us to see the film of the performance!

Helen Jane Long Preview

Photos from Performance

Helen J Long

Helen J. Long and the London Players


Helen J Long

Filming Helen J Long


Cellist David Eggar


Playlist for Helen J. Long

Fans with Helen J. Long

Fans with Helen J. Long

Karen and Helen J. Long

MAKE Crew with Helen J. Long

The Beauty Behind Canned & Frozen Produce

The Story of Preserved, Peak-Season Produce, Right from Our Backyard

How does deliciously fresh produce get to your table all year round? Was it mass-produced at a factory, or was it nurtured by the hands of farmers?

With a growing movement of small farming, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA’s), and other initiatives, you may wonder where the food on shelves and freezers comes from. Hanover Foods works with family farmers, real people, and local and regional fields for their food production.

In Spring of 2016, we produced a video about Hanover Foods’ packaging processes with a focus on freshness. Before we engaged in this project, we didn’t fully understand the comprehensiveness of the local sourcing, speed to package, and general quality assurance of this regional operation.

After completing this video, MAKE suggested that Hanover Foods’ take the story back one step further from the packaging processes. Before produce is canned or frozen at its peak freshness, it’s here… in the beautiful farmland of our region.

This new short story focuses on some of the local farm operations and growers that fill the freezers and pantries of many East Coast families.

The Farms of Hanover – Director’s Cut