Jordan Graff


Editing is the last opportunity to shape a story and because of this, MAKE/’s film editor Jordan Graff views editing as a creative role instead of a technical role. For nearly a decade Jordan used that opportunity to focus on the ideas and emotions behind what’s being created to become an advocate for the audience and their experience when watching the finished piece.

While most of the filmmaking process is additive, editing is subtractive. Jordan’s process largely revolves around distilling all the material created in the earlier phases of production into something with meaning that an audience can connect with. Sometimes it’s notes on cards or scribbled diagrams while other times it’s simply listening to interviews, but it’s all in service of understanding the story he is trying to tell.

Jordan strongly believes the creative process is iterative and requires freedom to explore and willingness to fail and that by doing these things we gain experience that makes us better at what we do. He also believes in being well rounded while having a focus. So while Jordan is primarily an editor, he has secondary skills that help his work including sound design, photography, motion graphics, and color.

For the majority of 2019 and 2020 Jordan has spent his time at MAKE/FILMS editing the docuseries Dismantling Democracy. Watch it now on Amazon Prime Video.