Unlock Lancaster | Bonus Content

Lisbet Byler

May 21, 2020

Bonus content | Chestnut Hill

Brew a cup of coffee and spend some time in Lancaster’s beloved Chestnut Hill Cafe. Unlock Lancaster host Greg Bardell speaks with real estate expert and Chestnut Hill resident, Corinn Kirchner, about the neighborhood and its charm.


You know the homes and properties you’ve passed dozens of times… the ones that catch your eye because of their stature, beauty, and greatness. You wonder, what’s behind the door, gate, entry? Who must occupy a space so grand? What might their daily lives look like? Who was there before them? Who built such a masterpiece, and with what materials? This series unlocks the answers to your wonder. Come with us as we explore one of the coolest cities in America; Lancaster, PA. It’s not an architecture show, but it appreciates architecture. It’s not a history show, but it uses history to provide context. We’re showing what makes each of these neighborhoods unique and memorable, and creating a love letter to our wonderful town.

Unlock Lancaster is hosted by Greg Bardell, Local Real Estate Broker & Owner, Realty ONE Group Unlimited.

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