Unlock Lancaster

A web series exploring homes, properties, and their surrounding communities.

Unlock Lancaster premiered on 4.28.2020 exclusively on unlocklancaster.com.


You know the homes and properties you’ve passed dozens of times… the ones that catch your eye because of their stature, beauty, and greatness. You wonder, what’s behind the door, gate, entry? Who must occupy a space so grand? What might their daily lives look like? Who was there before them? Who built such a masterpiece, and with what materials? This series unlocks the answers to your wonder. Come with us as we explore one of the coolest cities in America; Lancaster, PA. It’s not an architecture show, but it appreciates architecture. It’s not a history show, but it uses history to provide context. We’re showing what makes each of these neighborhoods unique and memorable, and creating a love letter to our wonderful town.


The Wolf Museum of Music & Art stands as a time capsule filled with locally made antique furniture, twentieth century art by the Philadelphia Ten, and two concert grand pianos. Explore with us, as we Unlock Lancaster.

Featuring Frank Weatherly, Board Member, Wolf Museum.

EPISODE 2 | West Lawn

Explore what’s been described as, “The handsomest specimen of architecture in the city, and as a villa residence, one of the most elegant in the state,” by Biographical Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania in 1874. West Lawn still stands beautifully, dominating the corner of Charlotte and Chestnut Streets.

Featuring Guy Martin, Owner of West Lawn.

EPISODE 3 | Little House

“Just because it’s small doesn’t mean you can’t live grandly.” – Lisa Bowman. Join us as we tour this historic gem on East Chestnut Street and learn tips from Lisa on how to live large in a small home.

Featuring Lisa Bowman, Owner of Little House.

Bonus content | Chestnut Hill

Brew a cup of coffee and spend some time in Lancaster’s beloved Chestnut Hill Cafe. Unlock Lancaster host Greg Bardell speaks with real estate expert and Chestnut Hill resident, Corinn Kirchner, about the neighborhood and its charm.

Bonus content | West Lawn

“I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything quite this large and extravagant in a residential property.” In this Unlock Lancaster Extra, we admire the astounding craftsmanship and creativity that remains in the first floor of West Lawn. Learn about the beauty and the engineering that would’ve gone into such detailed work of the time.

Featuring Steve Fry, Fry Associates Architecture.


Greg Bardell has been a licensed real estate agent for over 30 years and is the Owner of Realty ONE Group Unlimited in Lancaster. His interest and his passion in our history, our real estate and our heritage have brought together the opportunity to create this unique series, Unlock Lancaster.


Director & Executive Producer | Derek Dienner, MAKE/FILMS

Producer | Catlin Williams, MAKE/FILMS

Director of Photography & Editor | Steve Buckwalter, MAKE/FILMS

Audio | Chad Kinsey

Camera Operator | Aaron Dienner, MAKE/FILMS

Camera Assistant | Sebastian Nieves


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