C’est Un Loup tells the story of an old man living an isolated life in the woods and the lessons he learns following an encounter with a wolf.

Directors Statement, From Seth Bortner

I wrote this film based on one line, “c’est un loup,” which means “it’s a wolf” in French. While I was learning some French years ago in college, I came up with this phrase to help some of the words stick in my mind. As I said it over and over, I started to think how it could be a really cool line for a film. So I pocketed away the idea and went on with my day. Fast forward about half a decade, and the phrase came to me again. Only now I was getting into stop-motion animation and worked at MAKE/FILMS which may just help me make it a reality. So I began to write, and in about 30 minutes, the first draft of C’est Un Loup was born.

Then fast forward another two years and the film is complete and ready to be seen! So I hope you take the time to watch and enjoy our film! It was a joy to make and all that we learned along the way was endlessly valuable. Thank you to everyone that was involved in producing it. It sincerely would not be what it is without you all.


Written and Directed: Seth Bortner

Old Man: Jean Bruyère

Executive Producer: Derek Dienner

Director of Photography: Aaron Dienner

Animation: Seth Bortner

Producers: Grace Wagner

Darrell Kontis-Smith

Leticia Kreider

Editor: Jordan Graff

Colorist: Steve Buckwalter

Sound Design and Mixing: Dan Flosdorf

Puppet Design: Seth Bortner

Cabin Design: Christie Griffin

Set Design: Ryan Martin