Stream Dismantling Democracy on PBS

Lisbet Byler

September 24, 2020

Now through October 16th you can stream all three episodes of our docuseries Dismantling Democracy on PBS online!

Click here to start watching and please sit back, register to vote, relax, and enjoy the film!

After watching, we’d love to hear what you think! Email hello@makefilms.c with any feedback you may have.

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MAKE/FILMS in partnership with VPM and the University of Virginia‚Äôs Center for Politics explores the past and critically examines the present to understand the risks to our democracy and the future of global politics.

Dismantling Democracy examines democratic structures of government in the United States and around the world. Narrated by Tara Setmayer and featuring interviews from across the political spectrum, the three-part series depicts the gradual deterioration of the democratic process. Through a critical look at the history and current state of democracies, it becomes evident that preserving democracy is a feat no less significant than its establishment. So, are we up to this pressing task of preserving democracy?

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