PRESS RELEASE | Dismantling Democracy


November 2, 2020

MAKE/FILMS’ “Dismantling Democracy,” a 3-Part Docuseries


LANCASTER, Pa, November 2, 2020 – “Dismantling Democracy,” a 3-part docuseries exploring the history, current state, and future of Democracy in the United States and around the world, is now showing on Amazon Prime. The series was produced by Lancaster-based MAKE/FILMS, in conjunction with the University of Virginia Center for Politics and Virginia Public Media.

The series provides some much-needed perspective in a political climate fraught with fear of voter fraud, election interference, riots, hyper partisanship, racial intolerance, and the greatest threat to political harmony of our time: social media. Series Director Allen Clements said, “There aren’t many more meaningful conversations filmmakers get to help facilitate right now so I’m incredibly humbled. This film series includes an important conversation about the unbridled “otherism” exemplified in our society at this very moment. It won’t solve it, but it at least brings it to light through our lens.” By focusing on our human rights, civil discourse, and practical ways to cure our fractured system, “Dismantling Democracy” reminds viewers that, in the words of Ronald Reagan, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.”


The series asks today’s most pressing political questions: Is Democracy guaranteed to last in America? Is Democracy in decline? Are “We the People” up to the task of preserving Democracy? Featuring in-depth interviews with key stakeholders, each episode offers powerful perspectives on economic imbalances, racial tension, xenophobia, and a global rise in populism. Each issue is measured against the fundamental democratic principles of fairness, equality and justice.

“Dismantling Democracy” is narrated by CNN Political Commentator and ABC News Political Contributor, Tara Setmayer. She is joined by prominent thought leaders, including Senators Ted Cruz, Jeff Flake, and Tim Caine; Freedom House President, Michael Abramowitz; Eurasia Group President, Ian Bremmer; CBS News’ “Face the Nation” moderator, Margaret Brennan; Harvard University Professor, Steven Levitsky; Activist Rosa Clemente Garcia; Actress Ann Dowd; Author/Journalist Kate Obenshain; Associate Director of UVA’s Center for Politics, Kenneth Stroupe; Latin American policy wonk, Chris Sabatini, and many more. 


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