Don’t Wait. Spring into Action Now!

Lisbet Byler

April 8, 2021

I encourage you to glance out of your car (or house) window on your way home from work (or from working in the other room). What will you see? Snow covered hills? Brown dead grass? No, you’ll see blossoming trees and budding flowers. You’ll see green grass and blue skies. I mean…it is spring after all.

This means one thing…start filming now! Spring is the best time of year to capture the most scenic and attractive outdoor shots for your film. While fall or winter can be great if you would like to portray a specific mood and feel, there’s something undeniable about the lush green scenery and sunshine-filled days in spring and summer that are simply irresistible in film. According to MAKE/’s Creative Director and CEO, Derek Dienner, “The light during early spring is more directional which makes it more beautiful to capture and makes the ‘magic hour’ that much more magical.”

Allen Clements, Senior Producer at MAKE/FILMS, weighed in on the benefits of filming in spring versus winter. “Associative psychology suggests that we learn and remember the relationships between unrelated things. This means so much in terms of filming your project. It means that your target will associate the quality of your film production with the quality of your brand, product, or service. It also means they’ll subconsciously associate the season of the year with your brand. In an article in Psychology Today, Doctor Anthony Scioli suggests that spring is the season of hope, noting the psychological connection to light, heat, birth, growth, and so much more. On the opposite end of the spectrum, winter is associated with death, hunger, and darkness. Now, I’m not saying you can’t accomplish anything in winter in regards to your film, but where appropriate, take advantage of the associative metaphor that spring can provide for your message.”

Take our film for The Farms of Hanover Foods for further proof:

We want to help you make the best film possible. Don’t wait too long to pull the trigger – especially if your deadline is quickly approaching (and the foliage is turning). If you have more wiggle room with your deadline, we can get started with just outdoor b-roll for your film and shoot the remaining indoor shots in the fall or winter.

Whatever your goal, get a head start with MAKE, and we can help you figure out all of the details of your shoot. Let’s start filming and capture some gorgeous green cinematic goodness!