Derek Dienner


Derek’s life mission is to bring people together through creative ideas and film.

In 2014, Derek combined his passion for business and filmmaking and opened MAKE/FILMS, a full-service video production company based in Lancaster, PA. MAKE/FILMS’ creative team produces commercials for local, regional, and worldwide brands, as well as Emmy-nominated documentaries and feature films. Derek is currently producing Brave the Dark, a feature film starring acclaimed actor Jared Harris

At 31, Derek was diagnosed with stage 3 colon cancer. Faced with his own mortality, Derek learned how to turn tragedy into a motivator for change. With an abundance of love, prayer, and support, Derek came out stronger on the other side of his diagnosis. You can watch the documentary about Derek’s journey here.

Derek is the Host and Executive Producer of the MAKE/IMPACT podcast, a space where thoughts, ideas, and conversations are created around the positive and hopeful impact we can make within our communities and beyond. Listen to season 1 here.