Lisbet Byler

April 29, 2021

“Let’s grow together. We confirm our ambition to start up the world’s biggest bio-factory for advanced #polymers in Singapore next year. 100% of our products will be sourced from magic beans (castor seeds) that are the advanced bio-circular materials. Learn more about how we can create, innovate and evolve our materials, It’s as easy as ABC! To find more click here.” – Arkema

MAKE/FILMS - Arkema | Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) Materials


Producer: Catlin Williams
Director : Aaron Dienner
DP: Steve Buckwalter
Grip: Seth Bortner
PA: Jordan Velez
BTS: Jordan Graff
Hand Model: Ryan Zakszeski
Studio: Donnelly Studios

MAKE/FILMS - Arkema | Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) Materials


Arkema partnered with MAKE/FILMS to produce a video highlighting the circular economy created by their unique plastic material made completely from renewable oil from the castor bean. There are many applications and features to this material, but this video focuses on it’s advanced properties,
that it’s bio-based, and that it’s recyclable.

Arkema is a returning client who we built creative trust with in during our first project together last summer. They were so fun to collaborate with, so we were thrilled when they contacted us about this video. During filming in the studio setting, the client brought a bunch of their materials to play around with, so our crew and the client collaborated and came up with different ideas on the spot to create fun, active energy in the video.

MAKE/FILMS - Arkema | Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) Materials


We love working with the team at Arkema, and this project was no different! The idea behind this was to show how sustainable and versatile one of their main ingredients is (castor beans). The challenge with this was that the actual machinery used to extract oil is not visually appealing. So we had to try to portray images that were accurate but also more visually stimulating. I think we managed to do that and I’m very happy with how it turned out

MAKE/FILMS - Arkema | Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) Materials


For this video we shot everything in studio with a Komodo using Sigma FF lenses, as well as our Alexa Mini LF and a Laowa Probe lens. The probe lens is always a lot of fun to use because it puts you right into the middle of what you’re filming. It is long and thin and lets you focus right up to the very front of the lens element, so the perspectives and shots you can get are very different than what you could normally do. The challenge with it is that it’s very slow, which means that you need a lot of light to be able to use it.

MAKE/FILMS - Arkema | Advanced Bio-Circular (ABC) Materials