Oma & Opa

Oma & Opa | Documentary Short Film



Oma & Opa are in their 80’s, but they are still full of life and energy. Their unquenchable personalities shine through as they tell the story of their lives growing up under Nazi occupation in the Netherlands, getting married, and immigrating to America.


“The first time that I met Oma she gave me a huge hug and made me feel like a million dollars. A minute later Opa called me on the carpet for having my hand in my pocket while greeting him. I knew right then that I wanted to put them on camera and capture their life story. Oma was convinced that she would have nothing to say; five hours later I was still laughing and crying and enjoying every minute that I had with them. They’re a wonderful couple and I just want to share their wit and humor and love with the rest of the world.” – Steve Buckwalter



Thea van Huystee

Willem van Huystee


Director | Steve Buckwalter

Producer | Lisbet Byler

Executive Producer | Derek Dienner

Director of Photography | Aaron Dienner

Editor | Steve Buckwalter

Animator | Seth Bortner

Audio | Seth Bortner & Allen Clements

Accountant | Ashley Dienner


“Like lots of other people, I’ve been making movies in some fashion all of my life. I find every part of the process enjoyable, from making it in my head to working out the credits at the very end. Every day for me is about finding a new way to tell stories and entertaining the people who watch them.” – Steve Buckwalter


Official selection in the 2019 Red Rose Film Festival.

Winner of Best Documentary Characters at the 2020 Documentary Short Film Festival. Watch the audience’s feedback here.

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