Passive Aggressive Film School Roommate

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Remember college? Having a decent apartment meant finding a roommate who was never there, never complained but paid the bills on time. Tina finally found someone willing to share the rent, but Ava seems to lack your average communication skills. How long can Tina take Ava’s onslaught of passive aggressive short films?


“One day my friend and coworker, Allen Clements, told me an idea that he had for a short about a horrible passive aggressive roommate, who likes to make short films. It immediately struck my funny bone as a small and interesting idea to run with. So after fleshing it out and scripting it into a 12 page script, we decided to try to get the rest of our coworkers and some new friends that we made along the way to help us turn it into a reality. With a tight budget we just kept calling in more and more favors, and then a freak snowstorm trimmed our shoot from three days to a day and a half. But ours was the little film that could, and in the end I’m proud of our quirky comedy.” – Steve Buckwalter



Tina | Janae Palmer

Ava | Rebecca Stump

French Woman | Krystle Sights

Private Eye | Lee Irving

Horror Victim | Kristen Norris

Refrigerator Ghoul | Olivia Alberto


Director | Steve Buckwalter

Assistant Director | Lisbet Byler

Art Director | Catlin Williams

Producer | Allen Clements, Grace Wagner

Director of Photography | Aaron Dienner

Editor | Aaron Dienner

Gaffer | Sebastian Nieves

Sound | Eriabis Jennison

FX Makeup | Alexandria Inker

Writer | Steve Buckwalter

Concept | Allen Clements

Executive Producer | Derek Dienner

Accountant | Ashley Dienner

Flyer Artists | James Vanway III, Rob Seitz, Aaron Baksa

Behind the Scenes Photographer | Sam Interrante


“Like lots of other people, I’ve been making movies in some fashion all of my life. I find every part of the process enjoyable, from making it in my head to working out the credits at the very end. Every day for me is about finding a new way to tell stories and entertaining the people who watch them.” – Steve Buckwalter


The Cozy Cottage

Spring House Brewing Co.

Marietta Borough

Lancaster Mennonite


Official selection in the Red Rose Film Festival

Official selection in the Great Lakes International Shorts Festival

Finalist at The Culdee Arts Reel Entertainment (CARE) Awards

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