Wish You Were Here

A docuseries that explores how we deal with death and loss.


Each episode of Wish You Were Here explores a particular aspect of death and loss and the big picture questions: “How do we deal with death as modern cultures of the world?” and “Are we any good at it?”.

One way to answer these questions is to ask people how they deal with death and what their solutions and personal experiences are. If this conversation is had in a broad way, we could possibly pay the end of life the attention it deserves. But, often the “rules” which dictate how and when we talk about death and loss seem to prevent us from innovating and growing, and thus properly grieving and understanding this important part of life.

EPISODE 1 | Close to Home

On episode 1 of Wish You Were Here, Michael Judd discusses the green burial his family performed on their property for his late father and how it affected both his mental and spiritual condition.

Featuring Michael Judd

Honoring Christopher Judd

EPISODE 2 | The Long Goodbye

Tina and Gary had so many gifts in each other. They started an advertising business that is still successful today. They enjoyed many adventures including running marathons all over the Northeast. Throughout their life they encouraged each other, kept each other going, and challenged each other to do their best. Early Onset Dementia took Gary from Tina at 50. While all grief is unique, Tina’s is particularly unique in that she is reminded of it every day as she lovingly cares for Gary in their home while also keeping the business they built together alive.

Featuring Tina Bellanca

Honoring Gary Bellanca


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Executive Producer | Derek Dienner, MAKE/FILMS

Editor, Aaron Dienner, MAKE/FILMS


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