Pattern to Details | Art Direction

How MAKE uses art direction in our films to strengthen stories and captivate audiences.
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Art Direction: Set Design, Prop Styling, Wardrobe, Food Styling

Watch our video case study by pressing the play button above.

Client’s mentioned in the case study video include: Tower Health (previously Reading Health System), Fleet Battle, TAG for Armstrong Flooring, Gazebo Room, DAWN (a MAKE original), Wild & Precious Now, Benjamin Hash of The Horse Inn, and Stauffers of Kissel Hill. Watch the final films here.


Art direction helps provide a unified vision in film. Whether it’s set design, prop styling, wardrobe, food styling… all of these elements contribute to setting the stage for a story to unfold. Each aspect is carefully planned with an intention that drives the key message, creating a holistic idea that easily clicks for the viewer.


Art direction plays many roles and serves many purposes in a film production. It fills in any gaps. It’s the subliminal. Or it’s the peculiar looking thing that draws your eye away from the main character, maybe allowing the viewer to discover something before the character does. Well-planned production design can set the tone for a scene through use of colors, textures, patterns, cool/warm/neon lighting, arrangements, etc. Working hand-in-hand with the production team, art direction begins at ideation and collaborates closely throughout the production process, resulting in a strong, cohesive film.


Watch all the final films mentioned in the case study video here.

Click here to watch our video case study about The Great American Worker piece we produced for Weaber Lumber.