The Great American Worker

This Central Pennsylvania lumber company painted themselves in the best light by celebrating their industry and their employees.
Weaber Lumber
Commercial, Community Relations, Internal Communication
Creative Concepting, Script Writing, Shooting, Editing, Graphics, Aerial Cinematography

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Weaber Lumber, based out of Lebanon, PA, partnered with MAKE films to extend their brand into the video medium. Their goal was to advertise their products while celebrating their workforce at the same time. After watching the video, the viewer can see how the end product was made to inspire. This was achieved through detailed planning and creative collaboration between MAKE and Weaber.


We kicked off the process with a meeting to learn what Weaber is all about and dug deep into their company culture. After having a better understanding of who they are, we wrote a script called, “The Great American Worker,” featuring their manufacturing processes and the people that craft their products. Following the script, we created an animatic to nail down the shots we wanted to capture to better utilize our shoot days on the vast Weaber campus grounds. Because of our extensive pre production process, the shoot days went off without a hitch, and thanks to the animatic, post production and client approval did as well. 


The video was used online to promote Weaber Lumber’s products, celebrate their workers, and generate traffic for their social media accounts. They also played the video in local movie theaters to connect with the community and create recruitment opportunities.


Click here to watch our video case study to see how we use art direction in our films to strengthen stories and captivate audiences.