Discover Lancaster | Family Fun

Lisbet Byler

August 4, 2021

We had a blast partnering with our client Discover Lancaster to tell the story of our hometown, Lancaster, PA!

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Discover Lancaster


Director: Derek Dienner
Producer: Grace Wagner
Director of Photography: Steve Buckwalter
AC: Aaron Dienner
Gaffer: Jim Hollenbaugh
Grip: Seth Bortner + John Spencer
PA: Jordan Velez
Photographer: Brian Donnelly
Photo assistant: Toshina
Produced by MAKE/FILMS


Discover Lancaster came to MAKE/ to create video content about Lancaster County Tourism. We filmed the videos with a split-screen idea in mind to show that Lancaster has something for everyone! We filmed at 19 locations throughout the county to show how versatile Lancaster is for visitors and for locals.

FROM THE DP, Steve Buckwalter

We filmed with the Arri Mini LF, and the Leitz Thalia prime lenses for their sharpness yet lovely texture that they bring. The shoot was a matter of moving quickly and trying to think carefully about matching shots to their shots in the split screen. But capturing the beauty of Lancaster County was made easier by the fact that Lancaster County is actually beautiful! So it really was just about camera placement and putting people in the right situations.

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